Zhu Jingnong

Chu Ching-nung (14 August 1887-9 March 1951), educator, one of the founders and later the president of the China Academy and of Kuang-hua University. An educational reformer, he edited a major textbook series for the Commercial Press, served the National Government in such posts as vice minister of education, and created a fine school system […]

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Zhou Ziqi

Chou Tzu-ch'i (1871-20 October 1932), government official, served Yuan Shih-k'ai's government as minister of finance. Because of his complicity in Yuan's monarchical plot, Chou was forced to live in Japan (1916-17) to avoid arrest. He later served as minister of finance (1920) and as acting premier (1922). Although his native place was Shanhsien, Shantung, Chou […]

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Zhang Jian

Chang Chien (1 July 1853-24 August 1926), industrialist, educator, and conservationist, was a leading social reformer and a scholarentrepreneur. Beginning in 1899 with the Dah Sun Cotton Mill, he established an industrial complex in Nant'ung. His T'ung Hai Land Reclamation Company became a model for others. Chang devoted the last decade of his life to […]

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