Zhu Zhixin

Chu Chih-hsin (12 October 1885-21 September 1920), anti-Manchu revolutionary and protege of Sun Yat-sen, was active as a T'ung-meng-hui propagandist and as an organizer of anti- Manchu uprisings in Kwangtung. He later helped to organize resistance to Yuan Shih-k'ai. A leading figure in developing and popularizing Sun Yat-sen's political and social ideas, he founded the […]

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Zhang Qihuang

Chang Ch'i-huang 張其鍠 T. Tzu-wu 子武 H. Wu-ching chü-shih 無(無)竟居士 Chang Ch'i-huang (7 May 1877-30 June 1927), began his career as an official in Hunan and became an adviser and secretary general to Wu P'ei-fu during the 1920's. For five generations before his birth, Chang Ch'i-huang's family had produced scholarofficials in imperial China. He was […]

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Zhang Jian

Chang Chien (1 July 1853-24 August 1926), industrialist, educator, and conservationist, was a leading social reformer and a scholarentrepreneur. Beginning in 1899 with the Dah Sun Cotton Mill, he established an industrial complex in Nant'ung. His T'ung Hai Land Reclamation Company became a model for others. Chang devoted the last decade of his life to […]

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