Zhang Binglin

Chang Ping-lin 章炳麟 Orig. Chang Hsueh-ch'eng 章學乘 Chang Chiang 章絳 T. Mei-shu 枚叔 H. T'ai-yen 太炎 Tao-han 菿漢 Chang Ping-lin (25 December 1868-14 June 1936), scholar and anti-Manchu revolutionary, was an editor of the noted newspaper Su-pao and of the T'ung-meng-hui's Min-pao [people's journal] and a leader of the Kuang-fu-hui [restoration society]. A prominent classical […]

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Wang Guowei

Wang Kuo-wei (23 December 1877-2 June 1927), eminent classical scholar and ultraroyalist. Although he made contributions to several branches of humanistic studies, Wang was essentially a student of ancient Chinese history, a field in which he combined the highest traditions of Ch'ing scholarship with an awareness of the relevance of new data and modern techniques. […]

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Lin Shu

Lin Shu (8 November 1852-9 October 1924), the first major Chinese translator of Western fiction and one of the last important prose writers in the Chinese classical style. He also was known for his outspoken opposition to the new literary movements of the May Fourth period. Minhsien, Fukien, was the birthplace of Lin Shu. He […]

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