Bai Chongxi

Pai Ch'ung-hsi (1893-2 December 1966), general of the Kwangsi clique, which also included Li Tsung-jen and Huang Shao-hung. In 1946-48 he was minister of national defense in the National Government. At the end of 1949 he went to Taiwan, where he became vice director of the strategic advisory commission in the presidential office. The second […]

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Demchukdonggrub (1902-), MongoUan prince of the West Sunid Banner, was known in China as Te Wang. He led the movement to secure autonomy for Inner MongoHa. The son of a jassak [prince] of the West Sunid Banner of Mongoha, Te Wang was born in the territory of the Sihngol League in Inner MongoUa. He was […]

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