Zhang Jiaao

Chang Chia-ao (1888-), banker, economist, and government official, was known as Chang Kia-ngau. In his long association with the Bank of China he contributed greatly to the development of modern practices in private banking. After 1935 he served the National Government in such capacities as minister of railways and minister of communications. A native of […]

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Zhang Lisheng

Chang Li-sheng (24 May 1900-), Kuomintang leader and government official, was director of the party's organization department in 1936-37 and minister of the interior from 1944 until May 1948; in Taiwan, he served as vice president of the Executive Yuan and then as ambassador to Japan. Lot'ing hsien in Chihli (later Hopei) province was the […]

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Wang Jingwei

Wang Ching-wei 汪精衛 Orig. Wang Chao-ming 汪兆銘 Wang Ching-wei (4 May 1883-10 November 1944), Kuomintang leader and intimate political associate of Sun Yat-sen. At the time of the Sino-Japanese war, after more than a decade of feuding with Chiang Kai-shek for top authority in the Kuomintang, Wang became head of a Japanese-sponsored regime established at […]

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