Tang Shengzhi

T'ang Sheng-chih (31 October 1890 ?-), Hunanese militarist whose successes against Wu P'ei-fu were of major importance to the first stage of the Northern Expedition. He dominated Hupeh, Hunan, and southern Honan in 1927, and he was for a time the most powerful man in the National Government at Wuhan. His military career after 1928 […]

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Jiang Fangzhen

Chiang Fang-chen (13 October 1882-4 October 1938), trained in military science in Japan and Germany, did much to revolutionize military training in republican China and was powerful as adviser to many military commanders, notably Wu P'ei-fu, Sun Ch'uan-fang, and Chiang Kai-shek. He also introduced to China knowledge of Western culture, constitutional ideas, and military practices. […]

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He Jian

Ho Chien (10 April 1887-25 April 1956), Hunanese military leader, served as governor of Hunan from March 1929 to November 1937. The Tiling district of Hunan was the birthplace of Ho Chien. He attended the Chu-tzu Primary School in his native village and then entered the Hunan government school. After the revolution began in 1911, […]

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