Zou Lu

Tsou Lu (2 February 1884-13 February 1954), conservative Kuomintang leader who became chancellor of National Chung-shan University (1932-39) and leading authority on the 1911 revolution and the early history of the Kuomintang. A native of Tap'u, Kwangtung, Tsou Lu was born into a poor Hakka family. His father reportedly was a tailor and a peddler. […]

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Chen Qingyun

Ch'en Ch'ing-yun 陳慶雲 Alt. Chan Hing-wan Ch'en Ch'ing-yun (1897-), known as Chan Hing-wan, pioneer aviator, assisted Sun Yat-sen in his military campaigns and trained many Chinese pilots. He became a member of teh National Aeronautics Commission (1934) and commandant of the Central Aviation Academy (1936). In 1949 he went to live in the United States. […]

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Sun Zhongshan

Sun Yat-sen 孫逸仙 Orig. Sun Wen 孫文 T. Ti-hsiang 帝象 H. Jih-hsin 日新 I-hsien 逸仙 Chung-shan 中山 Alias. Nakayama Sho (Chinese: Chungshan Ch'iao) 中山樵 Sun Yat-sen (12 November 1866-12 March 1925), leader of the republican revolution and of the Kuomintang. The village of Ts'uiheng (Choyhung) in Hsiangshan hsien, Kwangtung, situated near the coast some 30 […]

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