Zhu Xuefan

Chu Hsueh-fan (5 October 1 901—), labor leader. Chairman of the Kuomintang-sponsored General Labor Union in 1928, he later headed the Chinese Association of Labor and often represented China at international labor meetings. He started cooperating with the Chinese Communists in early 1948, and in 1949 he became minister of posts and telegraphs at Peking! […]

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Li Dequan

Li Te-ch'uan (1 July 1896-), the wife of Feng Yü-hsiang (q.v.), became prominent in Chinese women's organizations during the Sino-Japanese war. From October 1949 to December 1964 she served the Central People's Government as minister of health. Fuhsingchuang, Chihli (Hopei), a community of Chinese Christian survivors of the Boxer Rebellion, was the birthplace of Li […]

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Feng Yuxiang

Feng Yü-hsiang 馮御香 (馮玉祥) Orig. Feng Chi-shan 馮基善 T. Huan-chang 煅章 Feng Yü-hsiang (1882-1 September 1948), military leader known as the Christian General, built up a formidable personal army, the Kuominchün, and dominated much of north China until his power was broken in 1930. Although his native place was Chaohsien, Anhwei, Feng Yü-hsiang was born […]

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