Zhang Zhijiang

Chang Chih-chiang T. Tzu-min H. Tzu-chiang West. Paul C. C. Chiang Chang Chih-chiang (1882- ? ) was a military officer associated with Feng Yü-hsiang (q.v.) for many years prior to 1927. A native of Chihli (Hopei) province, Chang Chih-chiang was born into a landlord family in the Yenshan district. Since his father was the village […]

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Ma Fuxiang

Ma Fu-hsiang (1876-19 August 1932), Chinese Muslim leader who ruled the district that later became Ninghsia (1913-20) and the Suiyuan special district (1921-24). He was appointed co-director with Feng Yü-hsiang of northwestern border defense in 1924, but he left Feng's service in 1929. He then served the National Government as governor of Anhwei and chairman […]

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Feng Yuxiang

Feng Yü-hsiang 馮御香 (馮玉祥) Orig. Feng Chi-shan 馮基善 T. Huan-chang 煅章 Feng Yü-hsiang (1882-1 September 1948), military leader known as the Christian General, built up a formidable personal army, the Kuominchün, and dominated much of north China until his power was broken in 1930. Although his native place was Chaohsien, Anhwei, Feng Yü-hsiang was born […]

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