Liao Zhongkai

Liao Chung-k'ai (1878-20 August 1925), Kuomintang financial administrator and chief architect of the Kuomintang-Communist alliance that resulted in the reorganization of the party along Leninist lines. At the time of his assassination in 1925 he held such posts as minister of finance, governor and financial commissioner of Kwangtung, head of the Kuomintang workers department, and […]

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Hu Hanmin

Hu Han-min 胡漢民 Orig. Hu Yen-kuan 胡衍鸛 Alt. Hu Yen-hung 胡衍鴻 T. Chan-t'ang 展堂 H. Pu-k'uei shih-chu 不匱室主 Hu Han-min (9 December 1879-12 May 1936), revolutionary leader and close associate of Sun Yat-sen, was the first republican governor of Kwangtung. In 1924 he became the topranking member of the Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintang […]

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Chen Jiongming

Ch'en Chiung-ming 陳炯明 Ch'en Chiung-ming (13 January 1878 - 22 September 1933) was an anti-Manchu revolutionary who became an early republican governor of Kwangtung. After Yuan Shih-k'ai deposed him in 1913, he participated in the anti-Yuan campaigns and then headed the forces of Sun Yatsen's constitution protection movement. In October 1920 he occupied Canton, and […]

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