Wang Kemin

Wang K'o-min (1873-26 December 1945), sometime minister of finance at Peking and governor of the Bank of China who later became a member of the Hopei-Chahar political council. From December 1937 to March 1940 he headed the Japanese-sponsored government in north China. Little is known about Wang K'o-min's family background or early life except that […]

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Liang Hongzhi

Liang Hung-chih ^ ^ ^^ T. Chung-i ^ S Liang Hung-chih (1883-9 November 1946), influential member of the Anhwei clique and the Anfu Club who became a prominent official in Japanese-sponsored regimes. He was executed for treason by the National Government in 1946. A native of Ch'anglo, Fukien, Liang Hungchih came from a prominent family […]

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