Xie Wanying

Hsieh Wan-ying (5 October 1900-), known as Ping Hsin, was a poet, essayist, and short story writer. A native of Minhou, Fukien, Hsieh Wan-ying was born into a prosperous family in Foochow. Her father, Hsieh Pao-chang, was an officer in the Chinese naval service. When Hsieh Wanying was only a few months old, her mother […]

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Li Dequan

Li Te-ch'uan (1 July 1896-), the wife of Feng YĆ¼-hsiang (q.v.), became prominent in Chinese women's organizations during the Sino-Japanese war. From October 1949 to December 1964 she served the Central People's Government as minister of health. Fuhsingchuang, Chihli (Hopei), a community of Chinese Christian survivors of the Boxer Rebellion, was the birthplace of Li […]

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