Shi Ying

Shih Ying (1879-4 December 1943), engineer, administrator devoted to the modernization of China, and member of the Western Hills faction of the Kuomintang. As mayor of Nanking in 1932-35 he instituted impartial law enforcement and enacted sumptuary measures. Yanghsin, Hupeh, was the birthplace of Shih Ying. His great-grandfather and grandfather had been scholars, but a […]

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Chen Cheng

Chen, Eugene 陳誠 Ch'en Ch'eng Ch'en Ch'eng (4 January 1897 - 5 March 1965), a senior Nationalist general and second in command to Chiang Kai-shek in both the Kuomintang and the National Government. He was governor of Taiwan in 1949 when the Nationalists evacuated from the mainland. In 1954, Ch'en was elected vice president of […]

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