Yang Hucheng

Yang Hu-ch'eng (1883-September 1949), governor (1931) and pacification commissioner (1932-36) of Shensi. He joined with Chang Hsueh-liang in precipitating the Sian Incident of December 1936. Yang was arrested in 1937, imprisoned for 11 years, and murdered in 1949. Little is known about Yang Hu-ch'eng's family background or early life except that he was born in […]

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Wu Peifu

Wu P'ei-fu 吳佩孚 T. Tzu-yü 子玉 Wu P'ei-fu (22 April 1874-4 December 1939), warlord and leader of the Chihli military faction who became the dominant military leader in north China in 1922. Although his control of the Peking government was broken by Feng Yü-hsiang in 1924, he continued to dominate the Honan-Hupeh-Hunan area until 1926, […]

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Feng Yuxiang

Feng Yü-hsiang 馮御香 (馮玉祥) Orig. Feng Chi-shan 馮基善 T. Huan-chang 煅章 Feng Yü-hsiang (1882-1 September 1948), military leader known as the Christian General, built up a formidable personal army, the Kuominchün, and dominated much of north China until his power was broken in 1930. Although his native place was Chaohsien, Anhwei, Feng Yü-hsiang was born […]

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