Li Yuanhong

Li Yuan-hung 黎元洪 T. Sung-ch'ing 宋卿 H. Huang-p'i 黃坡 Li Yuan-hung (1864-3 June 1928), the only man to serve twice as president of the republican government at Peking T(June 1916-July 1917; June 1922-June 1923). Huangp'i, north of Hankow, was the birthplace of Li Yuan-hung. His ancestors, merchants from Anhwei, had settled in Hupeh as farmers. […]

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Ju Zheng

Chü Cheng (8 November 1876-23 November 1951), T'ung-meng-hui activist and member of Sun Yat-sen's entourage who later joined the conservative Western Hills faction of the Kuomintang. He served as president of the Judicial Yuan from 1932 to 1948. The third of five brothers, Chü Cheng was born in a small village in Kuangchi hsien, near […]

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