Lu Rongting

Lu Jung-t'ing (1856-1927), Kwangsi warlord. He began his career as a bandit and later became army commander and deputy military governor of Kwangsi, a supporter and then an opponent of Yuan Shih-k'ai, inspector general of Kwangtung and Kwangsi, and a high official of the republican government at Canton. His public career ended in the early […]

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He Yingqin

Ho Ying-ch'in 何應欽 T. Ching-chih 敬之 Ho Ying-ch'in (1890-), one of Chiang Kai-shek's most trusted military officers. As minister of war (1930-44), he negotiated the 1935 Ho- Umezu agreement, by which China capitulated to Japanese demands in north China. He was chief of staff in 1938-44, commander in chief of the Chinese army in 1944-46, […]

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