Song Ziwen

Soong, T. V. Orig. Sung Tzu-wen 宋子文 T. V. Soong (4 December 1894-), Harvard-trained financier who was the prime mover in the establishment of a modern financial system in China. He served the National Government in such capacities as minister of finance, vice president and president of the Executive Yuan, governor of the Central Bank […]

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Mei Lanfang

Mei Lan-fang (22 October 1894-8 August 1961), Peking opera star who was the outstanding figure in the Chinese theater during the first half of the twentieth century and who was the last link with the great old acting tradition of imperial China. Yangchow, Kiangsu, was the native place of Mei Lan-fang. His grandfather, Mei Ch'iaoling, […]

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