Tang Enbo

T'ang En-po (20 September 1899-29 June 1954), staff officer in the National Revolutionary Army who served during the Sino-Japanese war in such capacities as commander of the Thirty-first Army Group and deputy commander of the First War Area. In 1945 he supervised the Nationalist takeover of Shanghai and the repatriation of Japanese troops and civilians. […]

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Han Fuju

Han Fu-chü (1890-24 January 1938), served under Feng Yü-hsiang until May 1929, when he gave allegiance to Chiang Kai-shek. He served as governor of Shantung from 1930 to 1938. After his troops failed to resist the Japanese invasion of Shantung, he was arrested and executed. Pahsien, Chihli (Hopei), was the birthplace of Han Fu-chü. He […]

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