Xiong Kewu

Hsiung K'o-wu (1881-), anti-Manchu revolutionary and senior Szechwanese military leader, was one of the very few active commanders elected to the Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintangin 1924. He later became a member of the party's Central Supervisory Committee and of the Government Council. In 1950-54 he served Peking as a vice chairman of the […]

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Feng Yuxiang

Feng Yü-hsiang 馮御香 (馮玉祥) Orig. Feng Chi-shan 馮基善 T. Huan-chang 煅章 Feng Yü-hsiang (1882-1 September 1948), military leader known as the Christian General, built up a formidable personal army, the Kuominchün, and dominated much of north China until his power was broken in 1930. Although his native place was Chaohsien, Anhwei, Feng Yü-hsiang was born […]

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