Zhang Fakui

Chang Fa-k'uei 張發奎 T. Hsiang-hua 向華 Chang Fa-k'uei (1896-), a leading Cantonese military officer, commanded the 12th (Ironside) Division, later and better known as the Fourth Army. Although a sometime supporter of Wang Ching-wei who participated in several anti- Chiang Kai-shek movements, he was given important commands during the Sino-Japanese war. A native of Shihhsing […]

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He Yingqin

Ho Ying-ch'in 何應欽 T. Ching-chih 敬之 Ho Ying-ch'in (1890-), one of Chiang Kai-shek's most trusted military officers. As minister of war (1930-44), he negotiated the 1935 Ho- Umezu agreement, by which China capitulated to Japanese demands in north China. He was chief of staff in 1938-44, commander in chief of the Chinese army in 1944-46, […]

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Chen Cheng

Chen, Eugene 陳誠 Ch'en Ch'eng Ch'en Ch'eng (4 January 1897 - 5 March 1965), a senior Nationalist general and second in command to Chiang Kai-shek in both the Kuomintang and the National Government. He was governor of Taiwan in 1949 when the Nationalists evacuated from the mainland. In 1954, Ch'en was elected vice president of […]

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